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We have the most comprehensive warranty for rats in the pest industry. Our focus is providing effective, long-term solutions to keep your structure rat free for years to come.

Avoid pesky rats and other rodents this year! Get MiceControl.ca specialists to safeguard your home from rat infestations before the critters quickly get out of control.



MiceControl.ca is one of Toronto’s only companies to use “Tier One” stations to ensure the utmost safety of your children and pets.


Guaranteed Removal

Our rat services are guaranteed for 2 year. In most cases you’ll be rat free much longer than that!



We seal up all the access points on the structure for you and provide helpful tips to prevent them in future. Listen to our experts, they really know their stuff!

Residential Rat Control

Heard scratching in the walls or ceiling? See droppings the attic, crawlspace or garage? Westside Pest Control’s expert technicians will locate, remove, and keep the rats out of your home for good!

Commercial Rat Control

Your commercial facility is a perfect environment for rats and other rodents to thrive. If you are dealing with food products, healthcare, or other warehouse services, you need to have a rat management program to ensure product safety.

Common Types of Rats in Toronto

Norway Rat

Norway rats are quite large and like to burrow and therefore build their nests in wall voids, underneath sidewalks or decking, and may dig up and nest in vegetation. These rats can also turn up in attics and crawlspaces though, you most likely won’t see them during the day. Norway rats hide in daylight and come out at night.

Signs of Infestation

Norway rats usually stay in hiding during the day, so if you do see this type of rat in broad daylight, this is a strong indicator that your property or home may be infested — these rats would not expose themselves during the day unless they are driven out of their hiding spaces or are limited on space.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are incredible climbers and are often found at higher levels such as trees, roofs, attics and on top of structures. This specific rat is highly adaptable and can thrive in almost any environment but prefers to nest in wood piles or garbage. Nocturnal by nature, roof rats prefer to munch on fruits and nuts, although they will eat anything available such as meat and grain.

Signs of Infestation

If you see a roof rat out in the open, this is most likely because they were either pushed out of their hiding spots by other rats, or they have been disturbed in some way. If you see droppings, notice that roof rat droppings are 12-13 mm in length and have pointed ends. Grease marks that trail behind them is another strong indicator that you have a roof rat infestation.

It is very important to note that roof rats are carriers of diseases that can be transmitted through bites and physical contact. If you suspect that you may have a rat infestation, contact our experts right away.

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We specialize in rat control and the removal of rodents from residential homes and commercial businesses in Toronto, ON.

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Our trained technicians will inspect every inch of your home or business including the roof, attic and crawlspace. Part of our process always involves closing off all potential rodent access points (entry point exclusion). As much as we would love your future business, our goal is to ensure all potential entry points from the roof to the foundation are sealed so that rats and other rodents are unable to re-enter the home or building.

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